Purple Mash

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Autumn topic information

Dear Early Years Parents/Guardians,
The children have settled in really well in our new early years unit. All of the staff have been very pleased with their enthusiasm. Our Autumn term topic is ‘Pitter Patter Puddle Play’. Below is an overview of the main areas that we will cover from now until Christmas. A more detailed paper copy was given out to you a few weeks ago, if you haven't received it please let a member of staff know.
The main focus of this topic is ‘knowledge and understanding of the world’ and enables children to explore water in its many different forms using their senses in a range of first hand sensory experiences. Hopefully we will have some 'proper' rain to investigate and enjoy very soon!  Through this topic the seven areas of learning will be covered and the skills for your child’s stage and age will be catered for.
The children will learn about:
· How we use water at home
· Water safety
· Water in different forms
· Weather
· Animals and their habitats (water based)
· Volume and measures
· The children will use emergent writing, mark making and drawing to express their findings
· Plant growth (necessity for water)
· Respond to music and use their bodies for creative dance
· Welsh words and phrases based on topic
Please remember to encourage your child to talk about experiences both in school and at home that relate to ‘Pitter Patter Puddle Play’. If you haven't brought in waterproof trousers, coat and wellies for your child to keekp in school please do so a.s.a.p (all items clearly labelled) so that they can participate fully in all our activities when the time comes.
Many thanks for your continued support
Mrs Carter, Mrs Abel and all Early Years staff

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Beach and Scrumptious images over the last few weeks!

 Still working hard on our letter formation - it's important that we try our best ready for Year 1

We love our ice cream parlour role-plays!

We are listening to lots of stories about our topics and trying hard to think about our favourite parts and put the stories into the right sequence.

Lots of activities in the area - we are using lots of our mathematical knowledge!

Lots of fun outdoors too - using our gross & fine motor skills!

Learning about the work of artist Lynette Amelie - she paints/draws beautiful pictures of the seaside!

Discussing healthy foods, writing a list of our favourite fruits, then voting for the top 5, creating a tally chart so that we can then create a design/repeating pattern for a fruit kebab using the top 5 fruits.

Drawing price tags for healthy foods using our knowledge of coins!

 Still working hard on our Jolly Phonics - recognising/writing sounds and tricky words!

Mrs Jones showed us the recipe for gingerbread men and we loved following it  & made lots for Ava!

Odd sock day for Ava!!

Making and eating our delicious, healthy fruit kebabs! 

Super attenders award!

 Marble cakes for Father's day! Hope you enjoyed them!

We've been doing lots of cutting & sticking! - beach pictures & postcards using travel brochures & magazines.

We have been sorting pictures of different foods into those that are healthy (we can eat them everyday) and those that are not healthy (just have as treats).